Steel Plates for Boilers and Pressure Vessels

Main Uses:

They are mainly used to manufacture boilers and pressure vessels. The steel plates for pressure vessels can be fabricated into devices that will sustain certain pressure, temperature, and medium, so they are required to possess high strength, good toughness, weldability, and surface quality. Many kinds and sizes of products are required to deliver in heat treatment conditions and satisfy ultrasonic test requirements. These steels are widely used in various sectors of the national economy, such as reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, oil tanks, LPG tanks, boiler steam drums, and pressure pipes in machinery, petroleum and chemicals, electric power, and metallurgy industries, etc.

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Description Grade Standard No.
Steel plates for boilers and pressure vessels Q245R、Q 345R、Q370R、Q420R GB/T 713
Steel plates for low temperature pressure vessels 16MnDR、15MnNiDR、15MnNiNbDR、09MnNiDR GB/T 3531
High-strength steel plates for shell of tanks and pressure pipes of hydropower A537/SA537 CL2/CL3 USA standard
07MnMoVR、07MnNiVDR、07MnNiMoDR、12MnNiVR GB/T 19189
Steel plates for HIC/SSCC resistant vessel Q245R(R-HIC)、Q345R(R-HIC)、(S)A516Gr60/65/70(R-HIC) As per user’s requirements
Steel plates for blast furnace shells LK490C
Other Foreign standards A515/SA515、A516/SA516、A537/SA537 and A517/SA517series, etc. USA standard
A515/SA515、A516/SA516、A537/SA537 and A517/SA517 series, etc.
P355GH、16Mo3、13CrMo4-5 European standard
SPV355、SPV490,etc Japanese standard
SPV355 and SPV490, etc.

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