Hot rolled steel strip for automobile transmission


Main Uses:

Automobile transmission shaft tube steel is mainly used to make automobile drive shaft tube. As the main function of the transmission shaft tube is to support revolving body and transmit power, the material should be provided with: sufficient strength, stiffness and a certain degree of toughness as well as higher fatigue strength, that is, the raw materials should be provided with good comprehensive mechanical properties. The longitudinal welding technology is generally used to manufacture the automobile transmission shaft tube, and the dimension control process is based on the method of controlling the inner diameter by controlling the outer diameter; Therefore, the steel for the shaft tube of the transmission shaft should be provided with good welding performance and high dimensional precision.

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Product Grade:

440QZ, 480QZ, 700QZ

Applicable standard:

JGX658-2010: 440QZ, 480QZ Technical Agreement for Hot Rolled Steel Strip

Product Specifications:


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