High strength hot rolled dual-phase steel strip for automotive parts


Main Uses:

The hot rolled dual-phase steel is generally used for automotive parts with high strength, high impact resistance and absorbing energy and should meet a certain forming requirement, such as wheels, bumpers, suspension systems and their reinforcing parts. The hot rolled dual phase steel is provided with high strength, low yield ratio, high initial processing hardening rate, excellent matching between strength and toughness and other advantages, in line with the development theme of lightweight, high performance, safety and environmental protection, energy saving for automotive materials, which has thus been widely used in the automotive industry.

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Product Grade:

DP540, DP600

Applicable standard:

JGX677-2010: Technical Requirements for Supply of High Strength Hot Rolled Dual-Phase Steel Plate and Strip

GB/T20887.3-2010: High Strength Hot Rolled Steel Plate and Steel Strip for Automobile – Section III-Dual Steel

Product Specifications:


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