Bar materials for special purpose

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Product Grade and Applicable standard:

No. Steel grade Steel grade Specification Applicable standard Purpose
1 Anti-seismic Reinforceing steel bar HRB335E/HRB400E/HRB500 Φ10-Φ50 GB1499.2 Applied to seismic prone areas and building with high requirements or super high-rise buildings with special use requirements, large-span bridges, airports, nuclear power plants, tunnels, water conservancy projects and other fields.
2 Finish rolling thread steel PSB785/PSB 830/HRB500JZ Φ25, Φ32 GB/T20065 Used in continuous beam and large frame structure in super large building, large water conservancy project, industrial and civil buildings, and highway and railway large and medium span bridges,nuclear power plant, ground anchors and other projects.
3 Hot rolled Round steel 20MnSi Φ14-Φ60 Φ14-Φ60 Used in manufacture of chains
4 Anchor rod Reinforceing steel bar MG335 Φ18-Φ22 LGJX16-2011 Mainly used in coal mine roadway support, and also suitable for use in highway tunnel support and side rock protection.
MG500 LGJX12-2011
Full-strength anchor rod LGJX14-2011
Right-screw anchor rod Φ16-Φ22 LGJX02-2010
CRM600 Φ22
CRM600 Φ220, Φ22 LGJX49-2010
5 Resin anchor Rod steel bar MG335-MG600 Full sizes Full series

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