90-120kg grade series quenched and tempered high strength steel plate


Main Uses:

This product is the quenched and tempered high strength steel plate with the yield strengths of 800, 890, 960 and

1030MPa, suitable for manufacture of equipment used in mining and all kinds of engineering construction, such as drilling rig, electric shovels, electric wheel dump trucks, excavator, loaders, bulldozers, concrete pump truck, fire ladder, various cranes, coal mine hydraulic supports and so on.

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Grade and Standard:

Product grade Applicable standard
Q800C/D/E Standard: GB/T16270-2009: Quenched and Tempered Steel Plate for High Strength Structure
JG1200D Standard: Q/3700LYS 2992010: Ultra High Strength and Toughness Structural Steel Plate for Engineering



Product Specifications:


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